Lead Me, Lord

The Third Sunday in Lent
March 4, 2018

Today's anthem is an Anglican classic: "Lead Me, Lord" by Samuel Sebastian Wesley. Born in London in 1810, Samuel was the grandson of Charles Wesley, an Anglican priest, leader of the Methodist movement, and author of over 6000 hymns. 

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Samuel Sebastian Wesley was composing church music during that same era. He was well known as a leading organist and choirmaster of his time, composing most of his music for use in the Church of England. Wesley served several English cathedrals, and he is credited as a co-inventor of the concave pedalboard seen on many modern pipe organs. Several of his hymn tunes appear in The Hymnal 1982, including Aurelia ("The Church's one foundation").

The elegant simplicity of this anthem is well suited to the season of Lent. The text is based on verses from the Psalms. Each section of the short prayer is stated clearly, first by the sopranos, then by the entire choir:

Lead me, Lord,
lead me in thy righteousness,
make thy way plain before my face.

For it is thou, Lord,
thou Lord only
that makest me dwell in safety.

I find this prayer to be especially appropriate, not only for today's readings, but for our troubled world. I encourage you to reflect on these words in the week ahead and to pray with us as we offer them in worship today.

Here is a link to a recording: Lead Me, Lord

March 4, 2018
The Third Sunday in Lent
Hymns: 152, 455, 327, 471, 143
Service Music: S-96, S-130, S-164
Anthem: "Lead Me, Lord"     -Samuel Sebastian Wesley
Organ music:
Wondrous Love     -Southern folk hymn, arr. David N. Johnson
Organ chorale: Aus tiefer Not  (From deepest woe I cry to thee)
                           -Johann Pachelbel 


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