Make me a channel of your peace

The Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
October 7, 2018

                                                                                                           Art:  St. Francis, Sue Betanzos,

This morning, we are singing several texts by St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226), whose feast day was celebrated on October 4. Read a short biography of St. Francis or watch a video here: St. Francis of Assisi

Our entrance hymn, "All creatures of our God and King," is a translation of St. Francis' poem, "Canticle of Brother Sun." It celebrates the glory of God in creation, ending each stanza with a rousing "Alleluia."

The sequence hymn, "Lord, make us servants of your peace," is based on the famous "peace prayer" attributed to St. Francis.

Our Cantate Choral Academy choirs have been learning about St. Francis in recent weeks and are offering two additional settings of these texts. "The Canticle of Brother Sun" is a cheerful, rhythmic arrangement by Douglas Wagner. Notice how our young choristers are singing in harmony, combining the text of St. Francis' hymn with a joyful "Alleluia" descant.

The communion anthem, "Make me a channel of your peace," was composed by Sebastian Temple, a South African composer, in 1967. The hymn was arranged for choir and organ by English composer Martin Neary for the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997. The hymn was a favorite of Princess Diana's and was requested for her funeral. The unexpected descant on the last stanza lifts the simple, folk-like tune to a higher plane. Listen to this recording by the Westminster Abbey Choir: Make me a channel of your peace

How incredible to be able to sing the words of this 13th century saint in Omaha, Nebraska in 2018! Through our rich heritage of Christian song, we celebrate the communion of all the saints, joining our voices in their everlasting hymn.

The Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
October 7, 2018

400, "All creatures of our God and King," Lasst uns erfreuen
593, "Lord, make us servants of your peace," Dickinson College
"For the life that you have given," Pleading Savior
679, "Surely it is God who saves me," Thomas Merton
376, "Joyful, joyful, we adore thee," Hymn to Joy
Service Music: New Plainsong, David Hurd
Psalm: St. Martin's Psalter, Thomas Pavlechko
The Canticle of Brother Sun  -Douglas Wagner
Make Me A Channel of Your Peace  -Sebastian Temple, arr. Martin Neary
Organ Music:
Prelude on Lasst uns erfreuen  -Wilbur Held
Processional of Joy  -arr. Hal H. Hopson

Does your child love to sing? Cantate Choral Academy welcomes new choristers for our next unit starting October 17. Register online: Cantate Choral Academy


  1. I played the Hopson at a memorial service this past Thursday. It's really nice.


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